A different editing experience

I typically edit the markdown files comprising my blog (baty.blog) using BBEdit. It looks like this…

Editing a post in BBEdit

While experimenting with Typora, I noticed a difference. Here’s the same file in Typora…

Editing a post in Typora

Can you spot the difference? While I love BBEdit for editing and processing text, I can’t help but think that writing markdown in Typora instead might offer a nice improvement in the experience.

So, yeah, for now, it’s Typora definitely.

So you got Setapp… make the most of it (Brett Terpstra)

So you got Setapp… make the most of it – BrettTerpstra.com:

To that end, I’ve written a quick Terminal script (Ruby, no dependencies, but see the next section if you’re not a “terminal” person) which will tell you what apps you have that also have a Setapp version, and which of those already have both a “regular” and Setapp version installed. You can delete the original versions of those apps to make sure you’re always running the Setapp version

SetApp might be the most valuable $10/month subscription there is.