What if I started blogging here instead?

I’m in one of those moods. You know, the one where I don’t like the “distance” between my blog content and the blog itself. Here’s how my Hugo posting works at baty.net right now…

Org-mode->ox-hugo->Hugo-compatible Markdown->Build->HTML->Rsync

Seems crazy when I think about it. However, it’s the best workflow I’ve found with Hugo, and it does let me write in Org mode.

On the other hand, in WordPress it looks more like this:

Edit Post->Publish

See what I mean?

The idea of this blog was to focus on photography because WordPress handles images more easily than Hugo. I like the copingmechanism.com domain, but is it worth trying to import old posts and adding redirects? Or do I just start fresh here and leave baty.net as an archive?

I’ll have to think about it.

A different editing experience

I typically edit the markdown files comprising my blog (baty.blog) using BBEdit. It looks like this…

Editing a post in BBEdit

While experimenting with Typora, I noticed a difference. Here’s the same file in Typora…

Editing a post in Typora

Can you spot the difference? While I love BBEdit for editing and processing text, I can’t help but think that writing markdown in Typora instead might offer a nice improvement in the experience.

So, yeah, for now, it’s Typora definitely.

Meta: About syndication

I won’t be automatically syndicating posts from here to any other services. It’s not that I don’t want people reading what I publish here, but rather that I’m not planning to get all breathy and needy about it. I want to write what I feel and what I’m thinking about without concern for the reaction it may (or worse, may not) receive on social media.

If there happens to be something I want to share, I’ll post a link to Twitter or wherever. Those few actually wanting to get updates can subscribe to email or RSS.

Ever since starting my wiki at rudimentarylathe.org, I’ve found that writing publicly, but without telling anyone about it, has been quite enjoyable. Let’s find out if the same the applies to a blog.