Roll 019 highlights. Leica M4.

A few highlights from the most recent roll. Shot with the Leica M4 on Tri-X pushed one stop.

Gail getting ready

Gail. (Leica M4. Voigtlander 35mm Color Skopar. Tri-X @800 in HC-110)

Gail getting ready. Shot with the Leica M4 on Tri-X. I normally shoot Tri-X at 320 but the last couple rolls have been pushed to 800. My thinking is that 35mm Tri-X isn’t going to be smooth and grain-free anyway, so why fight it? Also, I dig the increased contrast and the ability to shoot with slower lenses indoors.

Jess plays Keno

Leica M6. 50mm Summicron. Tri-X in HC-110

My daughter really loves playing Keno. Whenever we’re together, I’m forced to play too. Sometimes we win, but mostly we don’t.