8mm film metadata

I continue to pick at the process of scanning all of my grandfather’s 8mm films.

It’s been slow going, mostly because there are so many of them. I’m fortunate to have a scanner that scans at 1:1 speed, but it’s still 10-30 minutes for the scan, 10 minutes to render, and 10 minutes to copy the file over wifi up to my Mac. Then I have to edit out any unnecessary leaders and convert the file to a smaller format. Once finished, I write the movie’s information in a notebook. In many cases, I also upload the file to YouTube so family members have access.

Recording a film’s metadata is tedious, but at least I have metadata! My grandpa took care to make notes in each film’s canister. Things like year, subject, and sometimes detailed index of the reel’s contents.

80 years later, I still know what’s on each reel and who some of the people in the movie are.

The moral is, record metadata for you images and movies.

Meta: What I use for blogging

I wish there was a simple answer to the question, “What do you use for your blog?” The best answer tends to be, “It depends.”

On what does it depend? Well…

  • My mood
  • If I’m in plain-text mode or pointy-clicky mode
  • How long I’ve been using the same (now boring) platform(s)
  • If I’m in minimalist mode or feature-complete mode
  • How much I feel like dealing with servers
  • Am I in everything-in-one-place mode or each-thing-plays-a-part mode?
  • How important is convenience over permanence/performance?
  • What day of the week is it?

Based on the current combination of the above, I will use WordPress, Blot, Micro.blog, Hugo, or org-mode.

Or more likely, I’ll use ALL of them!

Moving back to Google – just a little bit (tyler.io)

Tyler Hall:

Added to that is the degradation in quality I’ve seen in Duck.com’s search results since last year. I’m not sure what changed under-the-hood, but I found myself having to search a second time in Google way more frequently to the point where I just gave up and made Google my default choice in January.

I’ve also found myself having to search using Google after a DuckDuckgo search fails to return quality results. It’s disappointing.

Update: I’ve subsequently learned about https://www.startpage.com/, which basically proxies Google without all the invasive bits.

So you got Setapp… make the most of it (Brett Terpstra)

So you got Setapp… make the most of it – BrettTerpstra.com:

To that end, I’ve written a quick Terminal script (Ruby, no dependencies, but see the next section if you’re not a “terminal” person) which will tell you what apps you have that also have a Setapp version, and which of those already have both a “regular” and Setapp version installed. You can delete the original versions of those apps to make sure you’re always running the Setapp version

SetApp might be the most valuable $10/month subscription there is.

A couple from the Hasselblad

I haven’t been shooting much film this year, so I pulled the Hasselblads out of the closet and shot a roll at my parents’ on Easter. Just some quick, hand-held outdoor portraits.

Gail. (Hasselblad 500C/M. Zeiss Sonnar 150mm f4. Tri-X in HC-110)
Mom. (Hasselblad 500C/M. Zeiss Sonnar 150mm f4. Tri-X in HC-110)

Out of Wite-Out

A coworker just came into my office and asked if I had any Wite-Out and when I told him I did not he said, “I thought you were the ‘paper guy’?” and now I feel like I’ve let everyone down.