I will stick with Lightroom Classic for now

I prefer using Capture One Pro for editing images. I like the flexible export options allowing variables in filenames and the way I can run a bunch of different “recipes” at once. I like the fancy color editor. I like layers. I like the way it tethers. I like the “professional” connotations that come with […]

Old Man Yelling at [Dark, Ominous] Clouds (Leicaphilia)

Leicaphilia: So, next time you smug technological sophisticates begin to fell[sic] all superior to us film era Luddites, take a step back and consider that some of us may have articulable philosophical and creative reasons for rejecting the more outre aspects of digital technologies, and those reasons may be grounded in legitimate concerns based on […]

An Unpopular View on Adobe’s Recent ‘Price Hike’ (Thomas Fitzgerald)

Thomas Fitzgerald: It should also be noted too that this was never just Adobe doubling the price in the first place. They were offering a different plan altogether. The $9.99 plan only offered 20GB of storage, which is basically useless. The $20 plan that was being trialled offered 1TB of storage. Considering Apple charges €10 […]


As a new Leica user in the mid-2000s, I did what many of us do and began fancying myself a capital-S Street Photographer. Leica and Street seemed to go hand in hand, so I walked around and tried it. This lasted until I realized that all I was actually doing was taking random snapshots outdoors. […]