Bringing my photos in from the cloud

For years, I’ve kept my photos in a nicely-organized, dated folder hierarchy on my local machine. Eventually, the lure of easy management and ubiquitous access became impossible to ignore, so I spent some time using cloud-based services to manage, edit, and organize my photos. I’m done doing that, now. I’m back to managing photos locally. […]

Instant gratification with large format photography

Well, I botched the exposure pretty badly on the above photo, but it’s so much fun to use the Crown Graphic that I don’t mind. When I first started shooting large format film, I wrote this… I’m wrestling with an old shirt in the wind as a focusing cloth while using the loupe to view […]

Did we ever really understand film? – The Machine Planet

Dante Stella: I am not at all hesitant to tell you that everyone in their 20s has a Dunning-Kruger delusion when it comes to the technical aspects of photography. As someone who was there for the twilight of photography, I would mostly observe that the apogee of film development was aimed at making the medium […]