Now hosted with SiteGround

I fumble-fingered something on the DigitalOcean droplet that was running and it broke things. I was able to correct it quickly, but was reminded that, for certain things, I’m not interested in the sausage-making portions of the process. So I’ve migrated the site to a SiteGround hosted account. I have no experience with SiteGround and no […]

What if I started blogging here instead?

I’m in one of those moods. You know, the one where I don’t like the “distance” between my blog content and the blog itself. Here’s how my Hugo posting works at right now… Org-mode->ox-hugo->Hugo-compatible Markdown->Build->HTML->Rsync Seems crazy when I think about it. However, it’s the best workflow I’ve found with Hugo, and it does […]

Throw away the list (Missy Mwac)

Missy Mwac: Some successful people get up early.. Some successful people sleep in. Some successful people only check their emails twice a day. Some successful people check it on the hour. Or whenever it pops up on their phone. Some successful people make their bed. Some successful people leave their room a mess. (And their kitchen and their […]

A different editing experience

I typically edit the markdown files comprising my blog ( using BBEdit. It looks like this… While experimenting with Typora, I noticed a difference. Here’s the same file in Typora… Can you spot the difference? While I love BBEdit for editing and processing text, I can’t help but think that writing markdown in Typora instead […]

State of the System – Spring 2019

I’m exhausted. I’ve been tweaking my “workflows” again since the beginning of the year. I started with just bare-bones Emacs and a web browser. I kept fiddling and somehow ended up with a super-cool-but-disasterous combination of Curio, BBEdit, Tinderbox, TheBrain, and DEVONthink. Each of them is awesome, but I end up not knowing where to […]

Instagram influencers are out, slackers are in (Quartzy)

Quartzy: Where once the social network was basically lunch and sunsets, it’s now a parade of strategically-crafted life updates, career achievements, and public vows to spend less time online (usually made by people who earn money from social media)—all framed with the carefully selected language of a press release. Everyone is striving, so very hard. […]