The Camera Situation

Have I mentioned that I sold the Leica M10-R? What an outstanding camera it was.

The Camera Situation

Have I mentioned that I sold the Leica M10-R? This makes me sad, because what an outstanding camera it was.

I sold the M10-R for several reasons. First, I was uncomfortable walking around with a $6,000 (used) camera swinging from my neck. It's risky and takes some of the joy out of using the camera. Digital cameras depreciate just sitting on a shelf. Using them accelerates the process. I shouldn't worry so much about that, but I can't help it. Another reason, and this is a bigger problem, was that I've been having trouble focusing rangefinders lately. I guess my eyes are getting old. This isn't a serious problem on my film rangefinders because I'm not as fussy with film. But with a full-frame 40MP digital camera, sharpness becomes critical for some reason that I can't seem to ignore, and missed focus bugs me. A lesser, but still important factor is that for a carry-everywhere camera, I sometimes just want something I can shoot with one hand, with auto-focus. Using a rangefinder takes some effort, and I'm often lazy and miss shots because of it. This might be different if I was regularly out "doing street photography" but mostly I'm sitting with friends at dinner or something.

I haven't replaced the M10-R with anything yet because I don't know what that should be. For a hot minute I thought I'd buy a Leica Q2 again but decided to sit on the decision for a while. There's no rush. But, I did buy a new digital camera for other purposes.

The Epson V750 flatbed scanner that I've used for scanning film for more than 12 years finally died on me, so I went looking for a replacement. I planned to get the new V850 but when I saw that they cost $1,300 I started thinking that for that kind of money maybe it was time to start scanning with a digital camera like all the kids do these days. I've experimented with digital camera scanning before but didn't like it. There was always something wrong with how the grain looked. But, I decided that if I was to spend that kind of money, I'd spend it on the New Way of scanning.

Panasonic Lumix S5

I picked up a Panasonic Lumix S5 and Sigma 70mm Macro lens. This way I have a scanner, sure, but for not much more money than a dedicated flatbed scanner, I also have a darn nice L-mount full-frame mirrorless camera that also takes great videos. Bonus! The S5 might be the best deal going in higher-end full-frame cameras. I'll write up something about how I'm scanning with the S5 at some point, but so far I'm finding the process to be easy and the results to be fine.

Scanning 4x5 film with a digital camera

I do miss the M10-R, though. I've bought and sold two of them, now, so maybe one day I'll try again.