Tuesday, June 23, 2020

☁️ Overcast +66°F

➽ I am of two minds about nearly everything. Dealing with social media, for example. Mind One wants to dive in and become great at it. To use it for marketing and self-promotion and as a tool to become more “connected” or perhaps even internet famous. Mind Two wants to back away and use social media to maybe chat with a few friends and occasionally share some thoughts. To win the game without playing.

md-roam enables the use of Markdown files in org-roam.

➽ When do we get to bring back drop shadows? I’m ready.

➽ I’ve a feeling that adding a new, powerful Windows/Linux setup to my office would be cool, but would make my life more complicated. Too complicated, probably. I do want to feel what running Windows on a fast, new machine is like. Same with Linux. But damn, it would be so very disruptive. Hell, I can’t figure out how I want to run things on my Mac. Let’s not throw more variables at the problem, eh?

➽ Speaking of being disruptive, let’s just throw the first developer beta for iPadOS 14 on my iPad while we’re at it. Ok I guess it shouldn’t be that disruptive. I barely use the iPad so if it breaks I’m not out much

➽ HEY email is very nice, but it limits the way I can interact with my email and I don’t know if I can get comfortable with that. Thinking I’ll pay for the year and continue evaluating it.

➽ Remember when I thought I’d switch from Firefox to Chrome? I used Chrome for a day and then went back to Safari. I wasn’t sure I’d stay with Safari, but it’s so much more pleasant. Also, in Big Sur they’re bringing extensions back and supposedly making it easy to convert Chrome extensions for use in Safari. That should do it.

➽ Moving backups from Arq/B2 to just the Backblaze app.