Thursday, June 25, 2020

☀️ Clear +60°F

➽ I stopped forwarding my email to and almost immediately missed some of HEY’s features. I don’t see how I can’t sign up for a year and see where it goes. Once custom domains are available it will be an easier call to make.

➽ Continuing to move my synced files from Dropbox to Syncthing. I’m finally hitting the wall with Dropbox trying to sell me shit.

➽ My favorite Finder replacement, Forklift, has become rather unstable on my machines. This is sad, because it’s a very nice app. In case i need to abandon it at some point, I’m trying to find little enhancements around a Finder/iTerm workflow. One nice thing I found was OpenInTerminal.

➽ And now we have Foam | A personal knowledge management and sharing system for VSCode

➽ My Tower git client license just renewed for $69. Ouch, and surprise! It’s good though.