Sunday, June 28, 2020

☀️ Clear +62°F

➽ I would like to learn more about something today. I’ve no idea what, though.

➽ I should write something about my move back into Lightroom Classic but I’m embarrassed by it, after all of my no-more-Adobe and love for Capture One and the cleverness of Mylio.

➽ Not posting anything to Instagram feels like wanting to participate in conversations with my friends and family at a popular pub, but refusing to join them and expecting them all to come to my house instead.

➽ I’ve seen a few references to It’s all just fashion shows and I often feel the same way, but it can also be interpreted as yet another example of “Someone changed something that I don’t value and therefore is unnecessary.”.

Hook is useful and clever but I always forget it’s there and so I rarely think to use it.

➽ It’s kind of a shame that with a 3-letter email domain I still have to spell it out for people. “No, it’s aich-eee-why dot com”. Hoping the service gets popular enough where everyone already knows how it’s spelled. And I didn’t get the “jack” username so instead of “jackbaty” I went with “jbaty” because it’s shorter. I’m afraid it doesn’t read as well, but, like phone numbers, once people have it they don’t need to remember it later.

➽ Weasel words in a passive voice are my jam

➽ If it’s true that Safari in Big Sur can use easily-ported extensions from Chrome and people actually bother to port them, I guess that would settle the browser question for me.

➽ After doing a side-by-side comparison in my home office of the Sonos Play:3 and the HomePod…I prefer the sound (and appearance) of the HomePod. Sure wish Roon would add Airplay 2 support so I could use both HomePods.

➽ Suddenly my Plex server on the Synology stopped working. I’m growing tired of fragile, complex setups.