Have you ever taken inventory of something and discovered that you have way too many of that thing? I did that recently with my "web properties".

I have shit all over the place, but in this case I'm talking about domain names. I have a couple dozen domains registered at three different registrars and managed by four different DNS providers. I decided to try consoldating.

I'm keeping these three...

  • Baty.net
  • Copingmechanism.com
  • Rudimentarylathe.org

So how to deal with all of the things I have scattered all over? Subdomains!

The first domain to go is baty.blog, so I've set up another Ghost instance, copied everything over from baty.blog and configured it at jack.baty.net. At first I considered blog.baty.net but I like how personal jack.baty.net sounds.

I'll keep baty.blog running as-is for a while and then redirect all the traffic to jack.baty.net until the domain expires. I hate breaking links but I'm doing it anyway.