Friday, June 26, 2020

⛅️ Partly cloudy +59°F

➽ Twitter is essential and infuriating. I often tell myself that “…it’s not at all essential and harumph!…” but I lie. I’m not participating much, but it remains a great, possibly the best, place to go when I want to laugh and learn of amazing things. It’s just that I find it impossible to screen out the toxic, ridiculous bullshit that permeates the place.

➽ I’m trying to utilize Basecamp more deeply in work projects. If I avoid the urge to want to change everything, it’s a great tool. Just use what it offers and relax, would be the theme I’m testing.

➽ I’m coming around to the idea that having everything in one place is more important than having a handful of separate tools just because they each do certain things better.

➽ “Don’t Allow” is the correct option.

➽ I’m installing iOS 14 beta on my phone because I hate myself, but I suppose as long as the phone and Messages and Maps still works, I’m good.

➽ I paid for HEY. Guess I like it.

➽ People seem to think that streaming music is somehow “dangerous” because they don’t “own” the music. I’ve solved this. I buy the music I want (either on vinyl or as downloadable files) and listen to Spotify or whatever for the rest. Spotify is an awesome $10/month radio.