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Finally, an expensive camera I don't want - the Zeiss ZX1

Jack Baty

The new ZX1 from Zeiss is certainly interesting, but not $6,000 interesting. I mean, I've spent that much on a camera, but no way I'd spend that much on this camera.

If I wanted to edit photos on a tiny screen, I'd use my phone.

If I wanted a nice fixed lens on a full-frame sensor, I'd buy a Leica Q2 and still save a grand.

If I wanted to feel like I was using a computer instead of a camera, I'd get a Sony.

I appreciate what Zeiss is trying to do. Good for them. I also think that, unfortunately, the future of photography will involved more and more software, but this one feels like a miss to me.  Time will tell, and I'll let someone else's wallet tell it.

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