I even looked for the box so I could more easily sell the Q. That was silly.

I was worried that I wasn’t using the Q enough which meant having a lot of money tied up in something sitting on a shelf. The camera looks lovely on the shelf, but not that lovely. I also have a Fuji X-Pro2, and X-T3 and several nice Fuji lenses, so why keep the Leica? I figured the best thing to do would be to sell it.

Then, I carried it everywhere for a few days and remembered why I have it in the first place. It’s just about the perfect camera to carry everywhere with me. I love everything about the way it handles, nearly everything about the way it works, and the way it feels. I really like the RAW files processed in Capture One. I actually like not having to decide which lens to bring, because the Q comes with a freakin’ Summilux permanently attached!

I bought the Leica Q as a reward to myself for selling my house. It’s wonderful and I’m keeping it.