As a new Leica user in the mid-2000s, I did what many of us do and began fancying myself a capital-S Street Photographer. Leica and Street seemed to go hand in hand, so I walked around and tried it.

This lasted until I realized that all I was actually doing was taking random snapshots outdoors. I soon stopped calling it street photography and just called it “out taking photos”.

Here are a few from my street photography phase.

The Mentalist (2009)
God (2009)
Skates (2009)
Girl (2009)

Man writing with Sidewalk Chalk (2009)
Nine One What? (2009)

There are lots of wonderful street photographers out there, and I love their work. Good street photography makes for some of my favorite images. Bad street photography makes for, well, boring snapshots. My feeling is that a lot of what people call “street photography” is nothing more than that…photos taken on a street.