If big box stores represented the problem of the “tyranny of  choice,” the problem is that now, somewhat suddenly, perfect knowledge  of the perfect glove, for you specifically, exists, if you simply do enough research. Now instead of tyranny of choice, we have the tyranny of perfect information.

I've been troubled by this for a while now. It's not just purchases, it's also things like entertainment choices. I don't remember the last time I watched a movie without checking Rotten Tomatoes first. Same with restaurants. "What's Yelp say?" is always the first question.

It's as if I'm incapable of making a selection of anything without prior validation by at least 1,000 strangers. Then, after finally choosing something, I spend the rest of my life running a background process comparing the reviews I'd read with actual thing and wondering if I'd made a mistake.

Sites like Wirecutter help, but they only really help with get through the first round, even though they claim to find the "best" item. I bought their recommended refrigerator and it kind of sucks. At best, Wirecutter is a fine place to start, but it doesn't mean my job is done.

I'm starting to think I'm better off just driving to the store and picking one of whatever they have on the shelves. The choice of store makes a difference, too. For example, I go to a small, local hardware store rather than Lowe's or Home Depot simply because they usually have what I need, but with significantly fewer options. Done and done.