Ever since I wrote about how I kind of miss renting videos (see: I miss going to Blockbuster), I've been thinking about the way I watch movies.

All too often, what happens is that I bounce from service to service on the Apple TV looking for a movie to watch. I end up with Letterboxd open in one tab and Rotten Tomatoes in another while I stream trailer after trailer. There are too many choices, and after an hour of this I give up and just watch an episode of whatever tv show happens to grab my attention.

I want to watch more movies. I've only seen one third of the Best Picture Oscar winners, and even fewer of most of the "Top 100" lists. There are likely thousands of movies I'm sure I'd love, but I've been wasting my time binge-watching random, forgettable television shows.

In 2020, I'm going to try something. I'm going to take Ruth Graham's (Slate) advice and replace my Apple TV with a nice Blu-ray player and I'm signing up to receive DVDs at home from Netflix.


Instead, we curate our ever-expanding queue in our downtime, and most nights we have just two or three DVDs to choose from. We pop one in, put down our phones, and voila—it’s movie night in America.

This sounds like just the ticket.

I made a half-assed attempt at this a few years ago and did end up watching a bunch of great movies, but I also spent too much time watching TV because I couldn't bring myself to unplug the Apple TV. I don't have the discipline to ignore things if they're right there.

So, I've added the 2-DVD plus Blu-ray plan for $14.99/month at Netflix. I can't replace the streaming plan with DVDs because the rest of my family would mutiny, but they'll have to stream television shows on their own TVs.

I'm slowly building a queue of stuff to watch and re-watch. Here's my queue so far.

How fun!

I've also purchased what looks to be a decent Blu-ray/DVD player because the old one I have is cheap, ugly garbage.

This is all happening because convenience is too compelling for me to resist, and the paradox of choice is crippling. I hope this all means that I'll watch more great movies and spend waste less time binge watching stuff I don't care about.