I ran across some screen grabs of my blog from 2004. Above is the sidebar.

Blogrolls were still a thing. It's always sad to see now many of them are no longer around (both blogrolls and the blogs listed by them.

The "How" section is interesting.

That was the early days of Firefox, when it was still, briefly, "Mozilla Firebird". I have no record of this, but I recall registering "mozillafirebird.com" because I was having trouble finding a place to download it. A short time later I gave the domain to the project lead (either Joe Hewitt or Blake Ross).

Looks like I was running Movable Type then. That was before they went nuts.

And look, PHPetal is there. That was a little utility app I wrote for posting to Blosxom and compatible blogs using a browser.

I ran FreeBSD on all my servers then. Huh.

Blogshares! I don't recall my blog ever being more than a penny stock on that site :).