I’m dipping my toes back into Twitter. I know, I know, it’s a dumpster fire of angry hyperbole, pretend activism, humble-brags, and abuse, but…

I used to learn a lot from people on Twitter. They used to make me laugh and show me wonderful things. I miss that.

I unfollowed everyone a few months back and stopped posting. I’m thinking now that I will cautiously start following people again. In order to keep my feed sane, I have some rules.

I’ll follow you, but only if…

  • You don’t mention Trump more than once a week
  • No more than 10% of your tweets are links to your podcast (or any podcast, for that matter)
  • No more than 10% of your tweets are ads for your “side gig”
  • You only retweet things that you personally find interesting
  • You don’t bitch about everything
  • You don’t retweet other people bitching
  • When you point out wrongs in the world, you do it constructively and thoughtfully
  • You don’t pretend to know everything about whatever topic is trending today
  • In fact, don’t even mention whatever topic is trending today
  • You don’t spend much time speculating about things you really know nothing about

I’ll add to this list as I’m reminded of things that drove me away to begin with. Also, as I’ll be posting again, I’ll try to behave like someone I would follow.

Anyway, I’m still @jackbaty, who are you?