I prefer using Capture One Pro for editing images. I like the flexible export options allowing variables in filenames and the way I can run a bunch of different “recipes” at once. I like the fancy color editor. I like layers. I like the way it tethers. I like the “professional” connotations that come with it. And I really like not being pinned to an Adobe subscription.

But, I don’t like those things enough to justify living without the ecosystem available with Lightroom Classic. Things like Jeffrey Friedl’s plugins. Or Negative Lab Pro, or all the Mastin Labs options. Or the thousands of websites, blogs, and YouTube videos supporting Lightroom workflows.

I prefer my files local and with my own folder hierarchy, so I don’t mind that Lightroom CC can automatically sync my iPhone photos to Lightroom Classic, where I can move and rename them as I like.

I like exporting directly to services like Flickr and SmugMug.

Classic does a fine job with the actual business of editing. It does, in my opinion, a better job with DAM.

Keywording and metadata management is just lightly easier in Lightroom.

If I’m honest, most of the things I think I prefer in Capture One are hypothetical. I don’t actually use them much. I like the idea of Capture One, but I’m better off when using Lightroom.

That’s my story as of Sunday, August 25, 2019.