I’ve been feeling lazy lately and so have been preferring cameras with some form of automatic exposure. This has left my beloved Hasselblads in a lurch. I have a 500C/M for more studied, careful shots and a 503CXi which I save for use with flash due to its TTL metering capability. Still, I’ve only shot a handful of rolls in either camera so far this year, and that’s a shame.

What I’d like is to find a way to make shooting the Hasselblads easier. You know what would do that? A 203FE!

A 203FE would be a significant investment, because I’d also want an FE lens or two and some ECC-12 backs.

I don’t need any of these things. Even I’m smart enough to know that just adding aperture-priority auto exposure isn’t going to make me shoot more. That’s the goal, right?

Still, I could sell the 503CXi and that would get me part of the way there. Hmmm.

When thinking of my minimal viable film kit, the Hasselblad(s) is always on the list. I love everything about them. But wouldn’t it be cool if they were easier to use? Wouldn’t it!?