Movies Watched, June 2019, Khoi Vinh:

That’s really all I want from most movies: a reasonably accurate simulacrum of the way real people act and behave, regardless of how outlandish or unrealistic their circumstances might be.

Vinh’s movie summaries are great, and I look forward them each month. He resists falling for common traps and sometimes unearths for me some treasure I would otherwise have dismissed.

I haven’t seen “Booksmart”, but his comment about “…the way real people act and behave” rubbed me wrong. A number of people I chat with about movies will say about a scene, “No one would do that!” My question is, how do you know? What I think they mean is that they want to see people behave as they would in a given situation.

He’s probably right in many cases, but be careful what you assume about how someone else should behave.