Capture One Pro version 20 shipped today. I found a couple nice summaries:

I'm sure there are many more by now.

It's a fine upgrade. I haven't tested everything, but my favorite things after a couple of hours are...

  • I LOVE the improvements to cropping. Cropping in C1 before was the worst.
  • They changed the keyboard shortcut for "hide browser" to "G" so that it's similar to Lightroom and now I don't hit the wrong keys all the time
  • The dynamic range tools are centered, meaning I can both add and remove shadow detail, etc. Makes more sense to me this way. Also the new Whites and Blacks sliders are handy.
  • The Basic Color tool is nice, simple, and easy to use
  • Scrollable tools area!
  • The Process button has moved up into the list of recipes. Much better.

The upgrade prices for Capture One Pro are a bit steep, but I always upgrade and don't always feel like I get my money's worth. With v20 I was happy to pay.