I'm not looking for a place to back up my photos. I have that covered. I'm looking for a place to browse and search my photos from everywhere.

As far as I can tell, my only real options are Apple Photos/iCloud, Google Photos, or Amazon Photos.

I don't love Apple's Photos app, nor do I trust iCloud, so that's out, even though it's terribly convenient and integrated with (most of) my devices.

Google Photos is free and pretty great, but I just can't get the privacy voice in my head to shut up about it being from Google, a company I no longer trust.

With those two off the table, I took another look at Amazon Photos. Amazon offers unlimited full-resolution storage for "free" with an Amazon Prime membership. I just happen to have one of those, so I downloaded the app and pointed it at my Digital Print Archive.

Amazon Photos is nice. It looks and behaves much like Google Photos. It feels reasonably fast, and the AI tagging seems to be accurate so far.

I don't know if it's reasonable to assume my privacy is in better hands with Amazon, but it feels like it is, and everything else being equal, that's enough for now.